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Simple. Powerful. The Shortlink Tool is true to its name. It’s here to help you look good. Can’t argue with that. The ShortLink Tool allows you to customize your links giving you the power to measure your marketing efforts. Easily view your link’s performance to best optimize your marketing strategy.

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ShortLink Tool

What does it do?

The ShortLink Tool instantly gives you shortened links to easily add to all of your clickable content and the best part is, you can even create custom links to say what you want. Ex: want this to say what I want. See! You really are only a few clicks away form brilliant.

ShortLink IpadThe ShortLink Tool is Simple yet Powerful like the other tools in the Suite. When you are adding links to social media or even within your emails, you want them to look crisp, clean, and professional. ShortLink allows you to insert any link no matter how long and simplify it to a shortened version that still takes your customer to the same location.

Segment your links by user, department, location, product, or market and begin to see the power of this dynamic marketing tool. Simple. Powerful. 48tools.



Additional Features

Convenient Automation

Put the tools to work right way. Once you configure your rules, you can save your settings to automatically repeat the process when you need it to without any additional steps. Simple. Powerful. 48tools.

Complete Suite Included

That’s right. You can get the Complete Suite for one price. Get the automation you crave at a price that makes sense. Simple. Powerful. 48tools

Enhanced Infusionsoft Experience

48tools works seamlessly with Infusionsoft. They were designed to solve the problems you needed fixed. Simple. Powerful. 48tools.

It's Easy

You don’t have to be a developer to use the tools. Get started right way with our intuitive design. We provide step by step instructions and videos on how to use the tools. Simple. Powerful. 48tools.

How companies use ShortLink

– Create personalized links to help segment customers

– Make links manageable, clean, and understandable for social media and easy sharing

– Customize links using keywords for better Search Engine Optimization

– To find out where our customers are coming from and what information or products they are engaging with.

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