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Simple Powerful. The OneLink Tool allows you to send relevant content  based on tags, field values, location, email status, or even purchase history for custom marketing every time. Save time and money by sending your customers the right content at the right time, further personalizing your campaigns in Campaign Builder. Give your Sales Team, Marketing Team, and Customer Service Department the ability to automate engagement strategies with this simple, yet powerful tool.

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OneLink Tool

What does it do?

The OneLink Tool finally lets you truly customize your marketing efforts for each customer now matter where they find themselves in your sales funnel. The OneLink Tool proactively engages your customers through personalized marketing strategies, leading to increased sales and  long term customer engagement. By sending information that is relevant to your contacts based on either tags, field values, location, email status, or even purchase history, you can instantly see the difference with this simple, yet powerful tool.

Thank You

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OneLink Screen Shot

Do you ever want to send a contact to a thank you page that is specific to their tags? Or do you have a training series that requires a specific order of completion? Match on none, all or any combination of tags to send your contact to the perfect landing page to give thanks, to teach or to inspire.

Say your client purchased a particular item in the past week, month, day, you get the idea. Now, you can send customers an email thanking them and suggesting related products in your upsell process. Never again miss the opportunity to capture a lead. Are you planning an event at your flagship store? Invite customers in that region or send out invites to just your female clients.

The possibilities are endless and the best part is it can all be automated; saving you time and money! Get started in minutes.

Additional Features

Increase Sales Conversions

By understanding your customer’s demographics, purchase history, or where they are in the customer lifecycle you can convert prospects more efficiently. Don’t let your customers get stuck or remain unsure. Help them understand what you can provide and through automated follow ups that speak directly to their needs, you can be sure you’ll see an increase in engagement.

Proactive Customer Engagement

Now fully utilize the wealth of information stored inside your Infusionsoft database. Set rules to further target and segment your customer’s needs, exceeding their expectations. Turn prospects into customers and customers into referrals by sending them to the right content at the right time by meeting them in the right context.

Analyzing the Results

Not all leads will be hot all the time. By understanding how well your sales funnel and marketing strategy is functioning can help you follow up with those with the greatest interest now and nurture those that might need more information or more time to decide. Give your teams the power to be successful by sending clients the right content and the right time with the OneLink tool from 48tools.

How companies use OneLink

– Send customer an email showing them add-on products that relate to the item she just bought

– Inform customers about products and  services they may not have known you offered.

– Offer extended service or warranty products

– Follow up with clients who engaged in a certain way, such as registered for a webinar or asked for more information regarding one of your services.

– Engagement on Social Media

– Thanking customers who have made a purchase in the last month

– Sending out a Birthday coupon

– Special Promotions or Events in the area

– The possibilities are endless. Send your customers the right content at the right time.

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