Spreadsheets for Infusionsoft

Simple. Powerful. The Formula Tool allows you to use your contact record like a spreadsheet to calculate values and format fields. Now you can endlessly automate calculations that can further segment your customers and marketing goals giving your business the power to capture your data dynamically.

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Formula Tools

What does it do?

Any number of problems can now be solved...
The Formula Tool will be one of your most used tools from 48Tools, giving you the ability to create calculations, transform data, configure upcoming dates to trigger campaigns, renew subscriptions, and much more. Lets say your business wants to offer free shipping over a certain amount or incrementally offer discounts with the more items purchased. Keep track of subscription plans or free trials by decrementing from the date your customer signed up. The Formula Tools allows you to integrate seamlessly so you can easily accomplish you goals.

Math Formula


Format A Field


Combine Fields

Combine Fields

Set Field Value


Show A Date





Format and configure your number fields to display congruently and automatically each time. Concatenate your Infusionsoft fields, automate your formulas, analyze, forecast, and transform your to get the most out your Infusionsoft experience with the addition of 48tools. Try risk free today.

Additional Features


The Formula Tool allows you to make any number of calculations based on

+ Add

– Subtract

x Multiply

÷ Divide

Format Fields

Fix rules to follow the format that works best for your brand. Ex: Send emails with written dates and times for professional and person touches. Your next appointment has been set for Tuesday, January 19th, 2015 at 10:30 am.

Incremental Sales

Offer your customers quality service when you personalize their buying experience. Give your customers the opportunity to see associated products and services you offer by following up a set number of days or weeks later. Don’t let your leads go to waste. Turn prospects in to customers and customers into repeat customers and referrals.

Easy Implementation

Formulas take just moments to create using the data you choose. The Formula Tool will generate a new rule for you to insert immediately into your Infusionsoft Campaign Builder. Subscribers are given full access to generate as many formulas as you need.

How companies use the Formula Tool

– You may create rules for letters or number fields. Your next appointment is scheduled for February 7, 2015 at 9:3o am, or your balance is $1,450.00 and so on.

– Incrementally set your customer’s balance to alert them when it’s time to renew again. Never miss a deadline again.

-Trigger a campaign to start when a customer purchases a certain item. Choose a date with the Show A Date option to send follow up reminders, Thank You letters, or product add-ons they might be interested in.

-Let’s say your client just signed up for a webinar and you want to send them a confirmation email detailing the dates and times they signed up for. Now  you can design your emails to follow your brand and custom style.

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