Consistent Data.

Simple. Powerful. The Case Tool helps you automate data base clean up. You can set your case preferences throughout your database, giving you a professional look and uniform guidelines throughout. When your customers fill out a form on your website or a staff member enters data for a new contact, the Case Tool allows the information to be entered into Infusionsoft the way you want it. Your mailings and printed documents will be consistent across your brand. Saving you and your customers valuable time. Works seamlessly in Campaign Builder.

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Case Tool

What does it do?

Proper Case:

The First Letter Of Each Word Is Capitalized 

Sentence Case:

The first letter of each sentence if capitalized.

CuStOm CaSe:

You’RE the BosS

The Case Tool allows you to set your own Case preferences, giving you clean, cohesive, and automated documentation throughout your database. You may select from:



lowercase rules:

it’s all tiny


Case Tool Screen Shot 2There are some fields inside Infusionsoft that you may want to reformat to fit your branding style or preferences and you need the control to keep these fields consistent throughout your database. This easy to use tool lets you set capitalization format rules. It automatically corrects inconsistencies entered by either your contacts via a web form or a staff member seamlessly with Campaign Builder or your existing contact record.

Rules can be set to convert items to all lower case, UPPER CASE, Proper Case, or even Custom CASE.

Now all your Infusionsoft Fields can be set to follow your rules.

All the Tools. One Price.

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Additional Features

Automated Consistent Documentation.

Put the tools to work right way. Once you configure your rules, 48tools work seamlessly with Campaign Builder. Your process can be automated or directly applied to the contact record. Simple. Powerful. 48tools.

Enhanced Infusionsoft Experience

48tools works seamlessly with Infusionsoft. They were designed to solve the problems you needed fixed; saving your time and money. Simple. Powerful. 48tools.

Customized Rules

Set customized rules to “Ignore” certain scenarios that may follow different rules. Example: McDonalds  You’re in charge of your documentation. Simple. Powerful. 48tools.

It's Easy

Easy to follow interface. You don’t have to be a developer to use the tools. Get started right way with our intuitive design. We provide step by step instructions and videos on how to use the tools. Simple. Powerful. 48tools.

How companies use the Case Tool

– The Case Tool allows me to pick the field and they are completely configurable. Include or exclude any fields from your contact record including custom fields! You can define as many rule sets as you need.

-Automatically converts phone numbers to our selected preference (xxx) xxx-xxx

– All my fields are uniform and professional.

-Takes the guess work out. When customers fill out their contact information, the Case Tool automatically changes the case to the correct format. All our contact records are coherent and organized.

– When we send out a mailing we don’t have to worry about ALL CAPS or lower case errors.

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